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gPLATFORM / SMB Private Cloud

gCLOUD3’s gPLATFORM = SMB Private Cloud: Simply Affordable for the SMB

Quick, Easy, Affordable, Flexible, Scalable, Open

Realize immediate ROI with The SMB Private Cloud – deploy virtual desktops and virtual servers for less than the cost of traditional Servers and PCs. Get the benefits of a completely managed private cloud, lower desktop support costs, greater uptime, managed licensing,  all within a an SMB budget. We focus on private cloud, so you can focus more on your clients.

The gCLOUD3 SMB Private Cloud difference: designed for SMB budgets & needs.

  • Quick. Go from zero to production with high-availability in as little as a few hours.
  • Easy. gCLOUD3 takes care of the entire setup process. All you as the partner has to do is setup hardware on-premise and get all systems on the LAN. Once that is done, profiles of each existing desktop needs to be backed up, third party applications configured in templates,  and gCLOUD3 will take care of the rest of the setup.*
  • Affordable. The total cost of a SMB Private Cloud is at a fraction of the entry price of the traditional environment, and cost effective with on-going monthly managed services
  • Flexible. The SMB Private Cloud gives you flexibility – SMB Private Cloud generates ROI on deployments of 5+ desktops, giving you the flexibility to deploy desktops in phases without having to overprovision. The SMB Private Cloud’s architecture also enables you to place the desktop servers at remote or branch offices for optimal LAN performance while still all being centralized.
  • Scalable. The SMB Private Cloud can be scaled on-demand – simply add more servers as your needs grow, and the SMB Private Cloud automatically reconfigures itself.
  • Open. The SMB Private Cloud is application agnostic giving you flexibility and choice in the any third party applications you want to use for your clients specific needs. Please check with us for the list of unsupported applications (legacy and 3D applications mostly).

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