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Why gCLOUD3?

SMB Private Cloud that cost less than a Traditional Server / Workstation Environment

Quick, Easy, Affordable, Flexible, Scalable

Get virtual desktops and virtual servers for– below the cost of replacing PCs and/or  Servers. Reuse existing PCs and turn them into thin clients. Migrate servers from physical to virtual, and consolidate hardware.  gCLOUD3’s SMB Private Cloud  is the only turnkey private cloud that enables you to setup the virtual desktop and server environment  — for up to 80% less upfront cost of replacing the entire infrastructure, making the SMB Private Cloud less expensive to acquire than PCs and Servers.

The SMB Private Cloud provides built-in high availability for Virtual Desktops, and does not require shared storage or expensive SANs, and is extremely easy to use. Virtual Servers can be configured for High Availability as well with multiple different options from High Availability to Fault Tolerance and zero downtime. The SMB Private Cloud specific architecture is designed for easy deployment, migration, and configuration of virtual desktops and virtual servers.

Simply pay an inexpensive setup fee – and you will get all the hardware to provision virtual desktops, servers, manage the private cloud, and replicate private cloud to the datacenter for true disaster recovery.

Monthly managed services for the private cloud include:

  • Unlimited Remote Support*
  • Product Warranty
  • VDI Licensing
  • Microsoft Server Licensing
  • Microsoft Office Licensing
  • StorageCraft Server Licensing
  •  Off-Site Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Scaling is equally simple – just add more SMB Private Cloud nodes to the grid as your needs grow, and gCLOUD3’s SMB Private Cloud automatically reconfigures itself for the increase of virtual desktops.

With the gCLOUD3 SMB Private Cloud, you get:

  • Hardware Included with Setup.  The SMB Private Cloud includes: The private cloud node(s), backup device, management system, UPS, and switch. Everything is included to setup an SMB Private Cloud for your SMB client.


All Hardware provided with setup For SMB Private Cloud Deployment.

  • Quick deployment in less than 2 hours. All the functionality to provision and manage virtual desktops is included. You can setup an entire production virtual desktop system with high-availability in less than two hours. Migrations and configuration can be done in the fraction of the time of a tradition server / desktop environment.

Try it today.

  • Low upfront costs, immediate ROI. gCLOUD3’ SMB Private Cloud is less than one-third the cost of traditional server / workstation deployments. The SMB Private Cloud eliminates the cost of multiple management servers, shared storage that current Virtual Desktop / Virtual Server alternatives require. It is also turn-key. One vendor, one solution. We also take care of all Microsoft, Disaster Recovery, and VDI licensing required for the SMB Private Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about it.

See how gCLOUD3′s SMB Private Cloud architecture compares.

  • Scaling on-demand. Unlike current VDI solutions that require large scale deployments to be cost-effective, The SMB Private Cloud generates immediate ROI on every PC you replace. The SMB Private Cloud grid enables you to scale incrementally as needs grow.


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